Phyllis Cole-Dai

I believe the arts help make the world. They help shape it, help it breathe. They help it survive, and become. 

Music, the spoken word, creative writing and multimedia production are my primary artistic tools for touching the world around me. Through them I reach out, trying in my own small way to understand, to celebrate, to protect, to inspire, to reconcile . . . .

To grow the peace.

My most recent project is the January, 2013, launch of A Year of Being Here, a website presenting "daily mindfulness poetry by wordsmiths of the here & now." I invite you to visit and consider subscribing (at no charge). If you'd like a daily sip or slice of poetic encouragement to "be here now," you can partake by email, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Much of my current activist work is devoted to tar sands resistance. Recently I released "A Mother's Letter to TransCanada & Big Oil," a video inspired by a conversation with Nathan, my 10-year-old son, about the Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands mining. (See video below.) I'm now selling the video's sound track (my solo-piano single, "Circling") through a variety of digital musical outlets. Every penny earned will be donated to Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands resistance, with a special focus on native efforts.

Buy "Circling" for 99₵ at CD Baby and you'll donate 90₵ to the resistance. (When you visit the link, the track is #10 on the album playlist, and you can click to buy.)

Note to my dear old music customers: If you've ever purchased my "Child of All Earth" CD, you already own this recording. Sorry. Perhaps you can make a donation to the cause in some other way.

I rejoice in all the forms my work takes, humble though it is. As this work sustains me, may it also sustain you. And through us together, may it help sustain all that lives.

Deep peace,

"A Mother's Letter to TransCanada & Big Oil" from Phyllis Cole-Dai on Vimeo.