The Book of the World: A Contemporary Scripture

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Imagine scripture created for today. Scripture intended not to replace other holy books but to offer alongside them its own poignant witness. Scripture written not by prophet or saint, mystic or messiah, guru or god, but by the world. Scripture nearly 3,000 verses long, woven from quotations from around the globe. Scripture whose creator is unknown and whose origins are a mystery. Scripture that first appeared on the Internet, only to be suppressed. Scripture meant not only to be read but also to be tested, and transcended.

Imagine it no more. That scripture is here.

Phyllis is grateful to have had the privilege of editing and publishing this powerful inspirational book on behalf of its unknown author.


  •  5½ x 8½ format (paperback), 264 pp.
  • perfect for use in personal meditation, group study
  • intended for all readers, regardless of religion, race, nationality, gender—regardless of difference

This book (PDF) may also be read online or downloaded for free by clicking here.