In February-April, 2009, Phyllis wrote a special series of daily blog posts (i.e., Internet journal articles) in observance of the tenth anniversary of her experience living voluntarily for 47 days on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Links to each of those 47 posts are provided below. Just click a day to read its entry. All posts contain a downloadable excerpt from The Emptiness of Our Hands and Phyllis's reflections on it. They were originally published at (no longer active).

Though it also stands on its own, this blog series is obviously best appreciated when read as a companion to The Emptiness of Our Hands. To purchase a copy of the book for your own use or for a group to which you belong, please visit the Store. Contact Phyllis for special rates on bulk orders. Remember, 20% of all sales proceeds support programs benefiting homeless persons.

Day 1 ("Doors), Day 2 ("Survivors"), Day 3 ("Ritual"), Day 4 ("Seconds), Day 5 (from "Indulgence"), Day 6 ("Romp"), Day 7 ("Squatting," "Prospects")

Day 8 ("West Bank"), Day 9 ("Community"), Day 10 ("Carpetbagger"), Day 11 ("Please Seat Yourself"), Day 12 ("Preaching"), Day 13 ("Good Move"), Day 14 ("Specimen")

Day 15 ("The Professor"), Day 16 ("Beloved"), Day 17 ("Blue"), Day 18 ("Muster"), Day 19 ("Freedom"), Day 20 ("Shoe Swap"), Day 21 ("Bosom")

Day 22 ("Pain and Wonder"), Day 23 ("Trash"), Day 24 ("Sobering Up"), Day 25 ("Home Movie"), Day 26 ("Robin Hood"), Day 27 ("Houseplans"), Day 28 ("Pick-Up Line")

Day 29 ("Kinship"), Day 30 ("Dust"), Day 31 ("Feast Day"), Day 32 ("Gravity"), Day 33 ("Answers"), Day 34 ("Zippers"), Day 35 ("Neanderthal")

Day 36 ("Missing"), Day 37 ("Dictatorship"), Day 38 ("Hostilities"), Day 39 ("Neutrality"), Day 40 ("Doomed"), Day 41 ("Fences"), Day 42 ("Custom")

Day 43 ("Goodbye"), Day 44 (from "Staying [4]"), Day 45 (from "Spikes"), Day 46 ("Fire"), Day 47 (from "Sage" and "Silence")