What WERE They Thinking?!

Okay, okay, so I’m supposed to tell people…
Here’s the news: I’ve been chosen to receive the Brookings (South Dakota) Human Rights Award, named for Dorothy & Eugene T. Butler, Jr. There’s going to be an awards reception on September 12.

I wish you all could come, because this award means NOTHING apart from all the folks that I’ve work with and for over the years. As I’ve told others recently, “I’ve never done anything of significance without being in the company of others.”

But I’m being told to “lighten up” and enjoy the recognition. (Right. Okay, I’ll try….)

Anyway, thanks to those who nominated me. (I can guess who some of you are, and I’ll get you back, one way or another.)

Thanks to all the rest of you for joining me in doing whatever we can to make this beautiful (but sometimes terrible) world a more humane place. I’m proud to be making the journey with you.

Thanks to my mentors, many of whom have now passed over, but who are still with me, in more ways than I can count.

And most of all, thanks to Spirit, in which we all dwell, and for which I have no words.

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