Dreaming of Peace, and Building It

Nathan, our 11-year-old son, told me this dream, which he had a few nights ago:

“We were touring somewhere in the USA and found this tall building. A whole lot of countries in World War 2 had made that building as a peace monument. Each of the floors was a territory of a different country, which meant that if you were on floor X, you were in country X, and if you were on floor Y, you would be in country Y. I had a lot of fun in the tower running from floor to floor and from country to country. Some of the countries were USA, France, Italy, China, Japan, an African country (I can’t remember), and UK. Each floor had that country’s language and foods, which meant that if you were on the Italy floor everything would be written in Italian and there would be restaurants serving everything from Italy. Same with the other countries. It was really cool.”

Cool is right. What a monument!

I’m soon heading out the door to have an inter-religious conversation with a local college class. Maybe together we’ll build a “really cool” monument there, of a different sort.

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