“Tapestry of Life.” Polychrome relief-block print by © Stephen Alcorn.

I’ve been receiving so many wonderful holiday greetings! Thanks to everyone.

This image by Stephen Alcorn celebrates the diversity that is built into our world. It is not a threat. It is our teacher.

Another friend wrote from France to inform me:

… this year (because of the lunar calendar), the birth of the prophet Mohammed falls on the same day as we celebrate the birth of Christ [who is, by the way, a prophet in Islam]….  If the prophets can manage to get it together, shouldn’t their followers figure out a way to do so also?  (sigh)

If only!

Some people out there are certain that we are in the End Times, of one variety or another. I prefer to believe, with Winona LaDuke, that “The Beginning Is Near.” This image comes from her latest e-update from Honor the Earth.