“Nuggets of Or”

See if you can figure out the significance of my title before I finish. * * * The last few weeks, I’ve been living in the closet, producing the audiobook version of Staying Power: Writings…

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“How Do You Be?”

If you’re a movie buff, as I am, you might remember Awakenings (1990). The main character, played by the late Robin Williams, is Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Though inexperienced, Sayer cares deeply about the residents in…

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“To Walk the Labyrinth of Peace”

Some years ago, a dear friend gave me the gift of this bronze pendant. It’s one of the few pieces of jewelry that I own. Along with my wedding band, I wear it every day. I lift it over my head each morning as a ritual and tuck it inside my shirt. I don’t need other people to see it. It’s enough, knowing it’s there.

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