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For You, on Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2012February 24th, 2018No Comments
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I have to confess that, much as I love my husband, I’m not much into this holiday (neither is he, thankfully, which may be one more reason why we fell in love so many years ago). However, this video helps make this day more meaningful. It’s a celebration of Valentine’s Day as a day of generosity. Enjoy!


[vimeo w=500&h=290]

Video from KarmaTube

Note: If for some reason you can’t see the viewer above, click here to watch the video.

Deep peace,


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Phyllis Cole-Dai

Phyllis Cole-Dai has authored or edited eleven books in multiple genres, including historical fiction, spiritual nonfiction and poetry. She lives in Brookings, South Dakota, USA.

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