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I invite you to hop aboard The Raft, my online community on the Substack platform. As Rafters, we’re about living from our “true spot,” buoyed by poetry, music, and other arts as well as open spiritual practice. Many of us also make stuff, whether we’re writing poems and stories, taking photographs, building community, singing, composing music, gardening, quilting, cooking … We Rafters provide one another oodles of inspiration and encouragement. It’s grand to feel connected to kindred spirits!

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“In these days of so much gloom and doom, I find your daily emails full of inspiration. There seems to be an infinite variety. Each one is gift.”

Sandy B.

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  • SUSTAINING! My original musings and poems, often about living from “our true spot.”
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“Thanks for all you do to help us cope. You remind us that there is a larger vision, if we open ourselves to it.”
Nancy N.

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“I’m happy to know you and your wonderful work.
Remember to put your feet up with a cuppa for a minute or two.”
Don M.

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