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Kindness Projects

As a member of my reading community, you’re invited to participate in my kindness projects. These are special ongoing efforts to spread kindness that cost you nothing. I add projects as inspiration comes and as my time and budget allows.

Click on projects to learn more.

Secret Peace Packages

Know someone in special need of a boost?
Nominate them for a Secret Peace Package!

Package contents include:

  • one of my books (based on your preference)
  • one of my “Deep Peace” mugs
  • three sachets of premium hand-blended “self-care” tea from Plum Deluxe
  • one sachet of 100% natural, calming lavender buds
  • a personal note of encouragement or consolation from me

You won’t pay a penny. All goods and shippings on me! I won’t be able to send a peace package to every nominee, but I’ll do what I can within my budget.

This is an anonymous project. If I send a care package to your nominee, I won’t tell them how I learned about their situation, only that the package is from someone who knows and cares about them.

Whom would you like to nominate?

Nominate Someone

Peace Drops

Send someone you care about a Peace Drop!

What’s a Peace Drop?
A brief excerpt from my book Staying Power, sent on your behalf via Share a Secret. You select the passage you want to send from a menu of eight texts. Due to various constraints, I can’t further customize your Peace Drop.

Each Drop is an exercise in mindfulness. The link to it will work only once. After the recipient reads the Drop, it will disappear.

No mysteries here!
The recipient of your Peace Drop will know that you requested it. They will receive a notification that reads something like this:

Dear [Recipient Name]:

Your friend, [Sender Name], asked me to send you a Peace Drop. Here you go! [Link]

This link is good for only one use. Then the message disappears. It’s a fleeting invitation to cherish life and pay close attention.

Don’t worry. Before leaving the Drop, you may copy it using the pink button, if you’d like. Or, just let the Drop fall away …

Deep peace,
Phyllis Cole-Dai

Guaranteed delivery!
I’ll honor every Drop request in the order received, as my other work allows.

The Peace Drop notification may end up in the recipient’s junk or spam box. I have no control over this.

Flood warning!
Due to the size of our reading community, please limit yourself to one Drop request per month.

To send a Peace Drop:


1. Choose a recipient.
2. Browse this menu of eight texts and select one to send. Note the number of your preference.
3. Complete and submit the form below.


"Deep Peace" Mini-Cards

This lovely set of “Deep Peace Mini-Cards” (not shown at actual size) features the warmhearted artwork of subscriber Marie Altman. Thank you, dear Marie!

Download the sheet and print on letter-size paper or card stock. Cut the cards apart and scatter them like seeds.

Share the sheet with a friend by sending them this link:

"Bliss Chair" Signing & Community Poem

This “Bliss Chair” in my writing studio is where I do most of my creative work (click to enlarge). With joy, I invite you to send a sentence or two of blessing. I’ll ink your words, name, and location on either the chair or the ottoman. You’ll be with me as I write … for you!

Someday I’ll make a gift of this chair to someone as yet unknown.

Below is a community poem on creativity, continually woven from the “bliss chair blessings” I’ve received. What would you like to add? Do it!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

for the gift of you

Your sharings always inspire

Your chosen corner
looks like a very comforting
and inspirational place to be

May this sacred space
invite imagination
as you bring forth
what you have come here to be

May the wonderful memories of your son
that have filled this room
fill you with bliss and blessings

Surround yourself with what makes you
peaceful, joyful, ready to listen to yourself

You will find what you want to say or do

Sit in beauty and power
creating peace through your words
and love through your actions

May peace and purpose join you

May you be blessed with the words you need
when you need them,
those you give and those you receive.

Be the word, see the word, write the word

What you write matters

May you and your muse make magic
Let the love flow through you to the page and canvas
May light and clarity and creativity flow effortlessly

If at first you don’t succeed
try, try again

May you persevere in your prolific, purposeful provision
of deep peace
providing places and spaces
for all people
to perceive the promise and beauty
of the present

May you be a channel
of what can only be expressed through you

May you continue to open doors
for others with grace

May your words flow from a loving heart
May they express your heartfelt feelings

May you allow your creative juices to flow
in abundance
May your shared insights, creativity, and good will
continue to flourish
all who receive
the gifts you make

May you spread your love and kindness
for years to come
sending bright and loving light
far and wide

Thank you
for everything you do
to make the world a brighter place

May you be strong, may you be safe
May you be happy, may you be healthy
May you feel peace, may you feel hope
May you feel love, may you feel joy