“Life Is Too Deep Not to Dive”

Perhaps you’ve noticed: Sometimes, despite meticulous preparations, life just doesn’t go as we planned. Like when you decide to fly halfway across the continent, retrieve your eighty-one-year-old mother, and bring her back home for an…
June 4, 2021

“Nuggets of Or”

See if you can figure out the significance of my title before I finish. * * * The last few weeks, I’ve been living in the closet, producing the audiobook version of Staying Power: Writings…
May 7, 2021

“How Do You Be?”

If you’re a movie buff, as I am, you might remember Awakenings (1990). The main character, played by the late Robin Williams, is Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Though inexperienced, Sayer cares deeply about the residents in…
April 20, 2021

“On This Our World Turns”

Imagine that you are born into poverty. Imagine that, during your grade school years, a teacher recognizes your artistic talent. Imagine that the teacher enrolls you in a government-funded art class, held weekly at a…
April 13, 2021

“More Than Just Talk”

On this date, in 1999, I returned home after living by choice for nearly seven weeks on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. As we recounted in The Emptiness of Our Hands, my friend James Murray…
April 6, 2021

“Picture a Face”

Your phone rings in the middle of the night. As you reach blindly to answer, do you fear that someone you love has been in an accident? Has suddenly died? For a time, early in…
March 22, 2021

“The Turning Hinge”

When your big, slender hand slips into mine, joy spills through me. I soak it up like a new sponge, resisting the urge to squeeze. You’re a young man of eighteen, soon to graduate high…
March 15, 2021

“Glimpses in the Mirror”

Here I am, on retreat again. One year has elapsed since the Muse woke me up on retreat in San Diego, delivering For the Sake of One We Love and Are Losing. At the time, I felt…
February 23, 2021