Staying Power 2: Writings from a Year of Emergence


The word “emerge” is hidden within “emergency.”
For good reason.

As people of hope, we lay that hidden word bare and focus our energies upon it. We insist that momentous potential lies as a seed within all periods of turmoil and upheaval. We search out that seed, enrich the soil, and provide what it needs to grow.

Our ability to do this is a hallmark of staying power.

This soulful collection of short musings, stories, and poems will deepen your trust that good can always emerge from trouble.

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Praise for Staying Power 2: Writings from a Year of Emergence

Reading Staying Power is like sitting down with a trusted friend for a thoughtful, life-giving, and much longed for conversation. The collection beautifully explores what gets us up in the morning and keeps us awake at night, the shadows present in our current world, and a luminous light always shining at the center of things. I know I’ll return to it for wisdom and insight, courage and comfort, good questions and a sustainable hope in hard times. Carrie Newcomer, Award-winning Songwriter/Musician, Author, The Beautiful Not Yet

If you’re weary of books telling you how to live your life, with how to be your best self, with how to thrive in the midst of this or that crisis when all you want is a reason to enter another day and make it back to bed, it’s with a delighted sigh and a grateful heart that you’ll open Staying Power. After saying yes to a cup of green tea, Phyllis sits by you, turns, looks out your window. Peace appears. She offers no solutions, no shoulds, no answers to it all. With quiet understanding she ever so gently redirects your attention, assures you that your days—even hard days—are rich with the emergence of ineffable luminosity. Jack Ridl, Author, Practicing to Walk Like a Heron

In this wise, hopeful book, Phyllis Cole-Dai helps us emerge from the pandemic chrysalis. Writing from her `true spot,’ as she calls it, she offers short, creative takes on how we might navigate life in the new normal. Every essay, story, and poem tips the `Kindness Meter’ toward love and generosity. Annette Langlois Grunseth, Author, Becoming Trans-Parent

In her new volume of musings, Phyllis Cole-Dai says, `This is more than just talk. This is blessing. This is love at work.’ I can think of no better way to describe these heartfelt and inspiring reflections. Phyllis has a gift for looking through the prism of life’s challenges and seeing the myriad possibilities for hope and healing. She is not a narrator; she is a treasured companion who will remind you that `What love can accomplish is beyond superhuman. It has no limits.’ This book is a blessing. Gloria Heffernan, Author, What the Gratitude List Said to the Bucket List

This is a stunningly beautiful and wise collection. Each brief chapter offers the reader resilience, deep wisdom, and kindness. It’s an invaluable and comforting companion to these uncertain times. Claire B. WillisAuthor, Opening to Grief