Staying Power: Writings from a Pandemic Year


This book won’t change your life.
But it might change how you live it.

The pandemic has receded, but this collection of soulful musings and poetry will remind you that your spirit is bigger than your anxieties and worries, your wounds and losses.

More than mere stamina, “staying power” involves exceptional commitment and trust, even a kind of faith. It’s as much about the spirit as the body. We build it by …

  • nurturing gratitude
  • increasing resilience.
  • practicing patience
  • developing empathy and compassion
  • appreciating the beauty of what’s true
  • keeping faith with ourselves and others.

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Praise for Staying Power: Writings from a Pandemic Year

Staying Power is centered on pandemic experiences, yet each reflection is evergreen. In these pages we find insight, encouragement, and an abiding message of hope. The author reminds us that we’re in this together, writing, `We will hang old wounds upon distant stars whose light can absorb their weight.’  Laura Grace Weldon, Author, Portals and Blackbirds, 2019 Ohio Poet of the Year

Embodying dugnad and abbondanza. Living like an open tap. Binding up the bruised heart. Reclaiming the clarinet in the attic. Enduring a hard freeze in the garden. Coping with the long wait, the bad news. Laughing at the purple beet pie. Signing your name to a bright red coat … Welcome to Staying Power, a tutorial in how to get through just about anything. Welcome to the warm humor of a singular writer, and raise your voice with her to celebrate `the smallness of what I know, the value of what you know, the vastness of what we can know together, and the existence of what we can’t know at all.’  Kim Langley, Author, Send My Roots Rain: A Companion on the Grief Journey

`Deep peace’ is the author’s signature sign-off. She means it! Each chapter of Staying Power invites us to dig deeper where deep peace resides, surfacing in the healthy behaviors of kindness, compassion and nonviolence (even, especially, in a pandemic).  Carl Kline, Co-Founder, Satyagraha Institute

This book shines like a lighthouse. Phyllis Cole-Dai’s writing illuminates the heart of humanity, recalling us to the sanctuary of our relatedness. A book for all those who travel in the dark (and right now, that’s all of us).  Pavithra Mehta, Editor, DailyGood, and Author, Infinite Vision: How Aravind Became the World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion