Still We Rise: Heart-Writing Through Grief to Hope


Have you suffered the loss of someone you love? Do you see a dear one’s death approaching? Are you yourself facing the end of this life?

The grief that you’re feeling is another form of love. Writing from the heart can help you find your voice in the midst of the pain. It can help carry you through the loss, even if you don’t think of yourself as a “writer.”

This 16-part guide combines honest heart-writing with silent centering, quiet reflection, and contemplative reading of accessible poems. Each session is based on a passage from my poem For the Sake of One We Love and Are Losing. This powerful contemplative poem is only 88 lines long. Its themes will invite your reflections and, along with supplemental poems, inspire your heart-writing.

This guide is a great enduring resource. Cycle through it again and again to strengthen your resilience.

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