Yogi Mini-Books


Perfect for that special book lover in your life! Each one-of-a-kind mini-book contains an original short text by me and features the design, calligraphy, and binding of Canadian artist Yogi Grunwald. Most titles exist in artist multiples; Yogi crafts them all by hand, based on a similar design.

  • Each collectible comes in a protective, ornamented slip case.
  • Approximate book dimensions in inches: 6″W x 4″L x 1″H.
  • Sold with a certificate of authenticity and autographed.

Click on title and color options below to learn more about each available mini-book. Read the text of each book and learn more information under “The Fine Print.” 

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I have four Yogi Mini-Books. Each is so creatively handmade and colorful—a delicate presentation with a powerful message! I gave one book to my husband for our 49th wedding anniversary.

Mei Lam

About the Artist

Yogi Grunwald has been an artist for as long as she can remember. After a two-year course at the Sheridan College of Applied Arts, she has continued to educate herself informally. She has tried many artistic media, but her current passions are calligraphy, bookbinding, and other paper arts.

Yogi lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I became aware of her calligraphy on Instagram and invited her collaboration. I was thrilled when she agreed. We’ve never met.

The Fine Print

Only Available Title: "You Asked Me to Write You a Poem"

View images of, and learn artistic details about, each remaining multiple by visiting Yogi’s website: Maize (yellow), Curaçao, Nut (brown), Tomato (red),  Sky Blue, and Green.

You Asked Me to Write You a Poem

You asked me to write you a poem,
one to remember me by, someday:
Please don’t type it. Write it out.
It’s more personal that way.

Do you believe my hand is steady,
my scribbles easy to read?
Do you think the paper of my life is clean
and the ink will never fade?

There’s no perfect in me or what I make;
only struggle, and play, and a jot of grace.

I tell my pen now: Move straight, stroke slow.
Pay attention to what comes before it goes.
Set down the text in the plainest speech you know.
Laugh aloud at your clunkers and mistakes.
Don’t worry—you get as many tries as it takes.

Leave enough space to find yourself
between the letters, the words, the lines.
Nap between stanzas, or have a glass of wine.
Abandon this desk to walk in the world.
Absorb the rhythms and rhymes that swirl.
When you’re back inside and begin to write more,
nothing will be as it was before. 

These shaky lines are my right hand’s best.
May they speak to you, though we’ve never met.
I do what I do for the sake of love—
every poem, too soon, is over and done.