This is a difficult day. I will spend it writing. I will spend it hoping, and praying in my way, that the man just elected President of the United States might, with our help, prove better than his flaws and capable of much greater good than the harm he has already perpetrated.

But before I turn inward, I want to share a reassuring word with you, in case you too, are in shock today, and filled with worry. It’s a word from the poet Denise Levertov, an excerpt from her poem “The Fountain”:

Don’t say, don’t say there is no water.
That fountain is there among its scalloped
green and gray stones,

it is still there and always there
with its quiet song and strange power
to spring in us,

up and out through the rock.


Deep peace,


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Phyllis Cole-Dai

Phyllis Cole-Dai has authored or edited eleven books in multiple genres, including historical fiction, spiritual nonfiction and poetry. She lives in Brookings, South Dakota, USA.


  • Sheryl Holland says:

    Thank you, Phyllis…an important reminder in this tsunami.

  • Carolyn Locke says:

    Thanks you, Phyllis. Words of wisdom at an important time.

  • Thanks, Carolyn. On another note, might I inquire if you received your invitation to submit to POETRY OF PRESENCE? I hope you’ll choose to participate.

  • Keep your chin up, Sheryl.

  • susan gunn says:

    From: Phyllis Cole-Dai To: Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 3:28 PM Subject: [New post] There is Still Water, and Light, and Cracks in the Rock Dear Phyllis,  Thank you for reaching out at this moment, when we are feeling so bruised.   We must remind ourselves, as Leonard Cohen’s song says, that it is a crack that lets the light come in.  And we know too, somewhere down there inside ourselves — whether we feel capable or not — we will have to re-double our efforts to seek the Light.  Maybe this is a time when we need to do more sharing… Susan

    | | |

  • Yes, sharing, and listening, and empathizing, and hoping, and laboring….